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Welcome to the  Paintball Fury Paintball group

At Skeleton Paintball Ltd, a few of us have started a paintball group called Paintball Fury. At first it was more of a social group to get people together and play paintball. Now it is still like that, however a select few of us dare to take it up a notch to competitive levels. therefore we have arranged the group into the social side for those who want to have a bit of fun and chill, and a competitive side for those who want to really get into paintball! As a group, we meet up regularly about once a month to play paintball and chill...

This is where you come in, because as of recently we are opening the team up to people of the public! The more the merrier! If you do want to join us and have a bit of fun and excitement just contact us via the "contact us" page and ask to join the club. We will then contact you back about further details and introduce you to the group. We have no restrictions on who can join, as it is just for a bit of fun! We would love for you to tag along and get to know the team!

Along the Way....

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