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Tippmann is an American company that manufactures paintball markers and paintball equipment. In Paintball History, Tippmann designed one of the first automatic markers, the use of refillable air systems in place of 12 gram cartridges, the "Cyclone Feed" system, the "Flatline" barrel, and the Tippmann C-3, the first propane-powered marker. Today Tippmann sells many infamous markers and well recognised equipment. Some of our top picks from the long list include the 98 Custom, Cronus, A-5, X7, X7 Phenom, TIPX, TMC, and the TMC Elite. *This information was taken from the Tippmann official website*

Paintball Markers


A worldwide manufacturer and distributor serving the worlds of paintball, airsoft and defence protection established in 2008, Valken is headquartered in Swedesboro, New Jersey. Supplying a full range of products across the United States and Europe, Valken is dedicated to trustworthy service, invested in positive growth and committed to quality. For every customer, every time, the Valken team will do Whatever it Takes! *This information was taken from the Valken official website*

Mask with Paintball Splash


Empire is one of the most famous brand in the paintball market, offering great products for all paintballers, from beginners to professionals for both the tournament and the scenario side. To make it easier, they divided their products in three brands all targeting different players. Their tournament brand Empire Paintball offer a massive range of high-end products, like their world famous Prophecy Z2 Hopper, the revolutionary Empire Axe, and a great collection of Empire playing gear. *This information was take from the Empire official website*

Paintball Masks

BT Empire

BT Paintball has been around now for years and has brought some of the best and most innovative paintball products to the market. Now a division of Kee Action Sports known as Battle Tested Empire, BT Paintball Guns have always been about serious woodsball. BT Paintball now specializes in paintball guns, paintball vests, paintball clothing, paintball harnesses, and paintball MOLLE vests. BT Empire Paintball their scenario side, is one of the market leader with many famous markers from the BT-4 markers to the TM-15, and their unique BT Rip Clip hopper, they are usually a great choice for any scenario player.  BT Paintball will make you change your standards for both scenario and tactical paintball products. Check out all of the BT paintball gear now. *This information was taken off the BT Empire official website*

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