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The Etha 2 Paintball Marker is an easy to use .68 Caliber Hopper fed Paintball Gun . The Etha has multi function firing modes found in paintball guns with much higher price tags and has an eyes system, which is an electronic system that only allows the gun to fire when balls are chambered correctly which eliminates paintballs breaking in the gun!

Planet Eclipses Etha was originally designed so budget paintball ballers could have something better, over the years the Etha has been happy in the hands of those new and old to paintball, establishing itself as one of the best for woodsball and scenario paintball. The Etha 2 carries far more features than its predecessor and would now be best described as mid to high end paintball marker, its still a perfect choice for whatever your level of paintball experience

Other Features Include:

- Composite outer body

- Aircraft-Grade Aluminium inner body core

- Single-piece GRN frame and foregrip

- Hose-less air transfer system

- Push On Purge System (POPS) ASA assembly

- Lock n' load 9V battery system

- Tool-less grip access/removal

- Wire-less frame to body connectivity

- Ambidextrous LED status indicator

- DefTek offset feed neck

- Gun Case Included


Planet Eclipse Etha 2

Color: Black
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