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The CQMF is one of the most popular Mag-Fed markers in Valken’s Inventory. The thrill of paintball combined with the challenge of making every shot count with limited ammo, makes for a good game. However no matter the trouble, Valken’s Mag-fed CQMF-68 paintball gun will help you accomplish any mission! Rugged and innovative, the Valken CQMF-68 mechanical paintball gun requires no batteries to operate. Fed from 18 round magazines able to feed .68 calibre paintballs and First Strike rounds. Featuring a rail system allowing it to be used with a scope or sight rail; a trigger system with the ability to switch from semiautomatic to fully auto at the flip of a lever! Tough machined aluminium and polymer encased steel construction make this a durable choice. The Valken CQMF-68 mag-fed paintball gun is the perfect tactical magazine fed paintball gun for any serious paintball operator!

Other Features Include:

- Remote Line-Ready w Adjustable CAR Stock

- Semi and Fully Automatic Action Selector

- Mechanical action - no batteries necessary!

- Compatible with .68 calibre paintballs and First Strike ammo

- Valken M17 magazine-compatible - 18 round mags

- Rugged aluminium & Steel Construction


Valken CQMF

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